Cool activities that can be done when visiting Parangtritis Beach. At this time we will also discuss the beauty of beach tourism in Yogyakarta, a tour that everyone knows, namely Parangtritis Beach.

Ok, rather than linger, let’s discuss about the beauty of the tour. Parangtritis beach tourism is in the south of Yogyakarta City exactly in Kretek District, Bantul Regency.

This tour has a distance of about 27 km from the center of Yogyakarta City, for this place it is very easy, because there are many transportation to the beach and usually will also operate until 5:00 p.m., or you choose to use a Jogja Car Rental.

The best time to visit this place is when the sun goes down in the afternoon, the sunset panorama is quite captivating and the view of the beach is so attractive that this tourist spot is too bad not to be enjoyed.

Beyond that if you visit this place arrive faster, so you will also have the opportunity to see the beach panorama from the top of the cliff that lies behind this beach. The name of the cliff is Senangwati Cliff.

Here you will find a temple ruins that the people around give the name Senangwati Temple. The location of the temple is on the east side of the Senangwati cliff and the distance from the beach is only part of it.

Exciting Story Behind Parangtritis Beach

According to the beliefs of the Javanese people. Parangtritis Beach tourist attractions have a close connection with the magical kingdom of the Queen of the South Coast. People say it is Queen of South, and is the ruler of the south sea. Until – until there was one resort that was inspired by the legend to give it the name of the Queen of the South Hotel.

Parangtritis is also said to be the gateway of the southern sea kingdom. Therefore people around believe that there is someone who comes there wearing a green shirt, so that person will also get a disaster.

What’s the Exciting Activity?

Enjoy the beauty of the beach is really very fun, especially if you enjoy the beach situation from the top of the cliff. In Parangtritis there are also facilities such as ATV, Delman and Horse Train that you can rent to enjoy the beach situation in Parangtritis.


Tracing the beauty of the beach by using it becomes a sensation for you who come here especially if you try riding an ATV.

Through sand dunes, which are found in many places, using ATV vehicles will also make your own entertainment for those of you who like to drive.

This sensation of opportunity is not often you get it. If you visit Parangtritis don’t forget it.

Except for the above facilities that you can enjoy in Parangtritis, you can also try to enjoy the beach situation by using Airomodeling which you can also rent there, this is reserved for those of you who have the courage of course.

By using this facility, the pleasure you enjoy traveling to Parangtritis will also be more memorable. You can also enjoy the beauty of sunset at this tourist attraction, which is much awaited – later by tourists who come to Parangtritis.

If not satisfied when enjoying the beach in the afternoon. You can continue it until evening, enjoy the nature of the beach accompanied by roasted corn. Enjoying a hot spring, near the Parangtritis Beach there is also a bath called Parangwedang.

It is said that the water from this bath can be useful for treating various types of skin diseases, because of the sulfur content. how fun? In order to expedite your holiday, we recommend using Jogja car rental services. Don’t Forget Traveling !!


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