When you hear the word Secret Garden, K-Pop lovers must have imagined the flawless Korean and Korean drama scene in it. This Secret Garden is not a Korean drama that can only be observed on a TV screen. This time, you can really visit it, a romantic area that is right for dining with your loved ones.

Secret Garden Coffee and Chocolate, is a restaurant and cafe in the city of Yogyakarta that deserves to be one of the options for you to visit together with lovers, colleagues, friends, and family. As the name suggests, Secret Garden is located in an area that is quite hidden. This place on Jalan Amri Yahya No.2 Yogyakarta can indeed be visited only about 5 minutes from Pakuncen Klithikan Market. But you need more foresight so as not to get lost. Of course behind the secret location, the beauty that welcomes you will pay for every effort to find it.

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Being in the very crowded Wirobrajan, it did not make this one place crowded. On the contrary, you will enjoy the atmosphere of a romantic and silent dining garden accompanied by the sound of splashing fountains.

The romanticism of dining at Secret Garden

The first time you visit this place, you will be taken to a fairytale world. Tall gates made of bamboo trees intentionally open as if allowing visitors to enter. Heading inside, it seems that this restaurant and cafe offers an outdoor romantic concept. A spacious garden, equipped with white trinkets can give a soft impression. Plus the yellow light from the cute lights around the park creates a more romantic atmosphere.

Do not want to bear the concept, Secret Garden also presents a statue of the god of love in the middle of the park. Just below the statue of a god of love holding hands, there is a fountain that is always lit at night. Gurgling fountains add to the fresh and cool sensation at night.

Of course for the sake of smooth dinner during the rainy season, Secret Garden offers a semi-outdoor location. Although roofed, you can feel a charming garden panorama. Plus the semi-outdoor component Secret Garden chooses a live kitchen for its kitchen. So you can pay attention to the expertise of the barista as well as the chef while waiting for the dishes to come.

Dish menu at Secret Garden

This garden and restaurant concept and cafe offers complete dishes, from the appetizer to the closing. Western, Asian, and Indonesian dishes can be enjoyed and shared with your dining friends here. For Western-style dishes, Secret Garden gives a Pizza Chicken Pepperoni menu, which is pizza with thin bread, pieces of chicken, paprika, onions, tomato sauce and mozzarela cheese. The taste of this pizza has been harmonized with the tongue of the people of Yogyakarta so it’s a little sweet, different from the usual pizza.


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