Glagah Beach has a new tourist spot, Laguna. Glagah Beach is in the village of Glagah, Temon, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. This beach is 15km away from Wates City. This beach is flanked by two other charming beaches, Congot Beach and Bugel Beach.

Glagah Beach has various interesting things, one of which is Glagah Beach Lagoon. Laguna is a kind of lake, or brackish water bay. The lagoon is not choppy, so it is suitable for tourist areas with family. small children can play water on the edge of the lagoon, no need to worry about the depth of the lagoon because there is already bamboo as a place for internal confinement.

This area is very suitable for you, isn’t it? The place is safe for children, it’s also convenient for parents. happy children, parents will be happy. Here you can feel the fresh air of the beach while looking at the beautiful lagoon. While watching the little one who is playing on the edge of the lagoon. You can sit back and feel the snacks or supplies you bring from home. Sitting in a area made of wood that is quite comfortable. Shady and cool because the number of pine trees along the lagoon makes you linger here. Very comfortable indeed, time feels fast.

Satisfied with playing water and sand on the banks, you can circle the lagoon with boat services. This boat guides you to feel the other side of the lagoon from various angles. With the boat you are closer to the water, more free to feel the beach air and free to see pine trees on the shore. Clear water lagoon, fresh beach air and green pine trees make you feel relaxed, relaxed and comfortable on Glagah Beach holiday.

Other Locations Also Exciting

The location of Glagah Beach Lagoon is also close to the breakwater and the beach. So if you are not satisfied playing in the lagoon, you can continue to enjoy breakwaters and beaches.

The breakwater is actually used to block the waves so that they don’t enter the dock. But you can also explore by walking in the middle and feel the onslaught of waves with artificial stones that are quite large. You can also take pictures with the background of this breakwater. But still beapada for those who bring your child, special supervision is needed when on the edge of the breakwater.

You don’t need to be too afraid to stop your child from playing water. Accompany and provide supervision, and be assured that the Almighty will guard it.

Parking and Facility Rates

  1. Motorcycle Parking: 3000
  2. Wheeled Vehicle Parking Four: 10000
  3. Minibus Parking: 15000
  4. Bus / truck parking: 20000
  5. Toliet Mandi: 3000
  6. BAK / BAB: 2000
  7. Rinse / Wash: 2000
  8. Duck Boat: 20000
  9. Boat Adult / Child: 5000
  10. Large Boat Transport (Max 14 people): 80000

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