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The number of beach tourism objects in Gunungkidul certainly adds to the choice of tourism objects for jogja car rentals that provide the best service for its customers.

Beach tourism is not infrequently a favorite of travelers. How not, the beach breeze always creates a calmer mind. Especially for college students who are working on their thesis or workers who often work late, of course they want to vacation on the beach to feel the sea view. If you want a vacation to the beach, try to go to Timang beach. This beach is indeed the opposite of other beaches because it has its own charm, namely the timang beach bridge.

Timang beach bridge has an extreme road which is difficult to pass by the Jogja car rental unit which leads to a small island which has the name timang island. Of course the island is located near Timang beach. Even though this bridge is the most extreme, it will but not a few curious tourists want to pass it. This bridge is created from strings of stringed mining and is associated with wooden slabs as a base. At first glance it looks extreme, but the bridge is safe. Besides that, you will be accompanied by the supervisor when you cross the bridge.

rental mobil jogja

Timang Beach does not only provide tourist obstacles in the form of crossing suspension bridges, but there is also a cable car that will spur your andrenalin. Although quite extreme, but not a few visitors who feel challenged to try it. This cable car or gondola is another option for travelers who want to cross the beach without using a bridge. If your vacation to the beach is going to be more challenged, then the Timang beach is the right choice because it is not limited to beach tourism but also challenges tourism.

Both of them have different sensations, but you must try them. For the cable car fare is Rp. 150,000, while for the timang beach bridge is cheaper, that is Rp. 100,000. Timang beach has a spectacular beauty when witnessed from the small island that is crossed by the timang bridge. There is a special sensation when crossing the timang beach that feels rocking hit by the waves of the beach. Anyway, it’s a pity to miss it.

Route to Timang Beach

Only true adventurers who really want to travel to Timang Beach. Why is that? Because the route leading to the timang beach is still uneven and through rocks. Actually looking for a place is very easy. You can pass the baron beach. After meeting the T-junction, then take the left-hand direction that leads to the canyon beach. Straight and there will be a T-junction. After that, you will meet the soccer field. From there there is a sign that leads to the timang beach. But just relax because the rental car jogja already has GPS facilities.

After the road directions lead to the timang beach, you have to go through the cobblestone streets leading to the beautiful beach with the charm of the bridge. Since there are not a few tourists who feel not comfortable enough with the road that is not quite flat, motorcycle taxis are leased to the beach with a tariff of Rp. 30,000. Motorcycle taxi drivers here are only local people who want to help all travelers.

For the timang beach entrance ticket is very cheap. You only need to issue Rp. 5,000. This includes parking fees. But yes, before that, making a ride on a cable car and over a bridge will be calculated on its own. Since the beach is still new and most visitors simply want to feel the sensation through the timang beach bridge, the convenience is available while this is still a large parking area and perfunctory food stalls. Maybe later it will increase a lot.


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