Ratu Boko Temple – Who likes sunset hunting? This natural phenomenon is almost hunted by some photography fans and people who like to look at natural charm.
Jogja Car Rental – There are several places in Yogyakarta that can be used to view sunset. The wrong is Ratu Boko Temple. Want to know more about the sunset at this place? Check out the explanation about Sunset and the Ratu Boko Jogja Temple Ticket Prices below. Ratu Boko Temple is an ancient website in Bokoharjo Village, Prambanan District, Sleman Regency.
This temple is around 18 km east of downtown Yogyakarta so that you can easily get Jogja Car Rental to Ratu Boko Temple. The address of Ratu Boko Temple is not difficult to find. To reach the tourist attractions of Ratu Boko temple, if you come from downtown Yogyakarta, you can immediately take directions to Solo street. Ratu Boko Temple route is when you reach Jalan Solo more or less on Solo km 17, or have arrived near Prambanan temple.
You take directions to Piyungan market. Then, around 5 minutes, you will also find parking signals to the Ratu Boko Temple. The ancient website of Ratu Boko Temple Jogja itself occupies a space of 25 hectares and is located at an altitude of 196 mtr. from sea level.

Ticket enters Ratu Boko Temple Yogyakarta

Ticket enters Ratu Boko Temple, Yogyakarta, which is IDR 25. 000 includes parking. But the price is only until 3:00 p.m. Regarding the ticket price, enter the Boko Yogyakarta Temple after three in the afternoon, the ticket group to enjoy the sunset. The price is more expensive than the first one. Ticket price for Ratu Boko Sunset Temple package is Rp. 100,000.
Still for the opening hours of Ratu Boko Temple, which is at 06.00. Regarding the closing time of Ratu Boko Temple, which is 5pm. After paying the entrance ticket you will also be placed at 2 doors in Paduraksa with one roof in the form of Ratna whose role is the main entrance. Tips, so you can’t bother with the Jogja Temple Ratu Boko Car Rental.
Ratu Boko is popular to be the best place to enjoy sunset in Jogja. The place in the hills allows you to see the sunset from this temple. From Ratu Boko you can see panoramic views of several cities in Jogja. The environment around Ratu Boko is very beautiful and natural.
Indeed, Jogja Car Rental Ratu Boko’s palace is a legacy of archaeological websites that are different from other websites. Many suspect that the Ratu Boko Palace is only in the form of temples such as Prambanan and Borobudur. In fact, Ratu Boko is a remnant of a palace complex consisting of parts of buildings.
The first door is made of andesite, but the floor and the wall are made of fine white limestone. Because it was made with the construction of andhesite stone, Ratu Boko Temple is actually more like a palace. Don’t Forget Traveling Jogja Car Rental Ratu Boko Temple.


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