One of the gudeg sellers who still maintain the traditional sales system is Gudeg Mbah Lindu. The location is in front, yes it is a bit sideways, Grage Hotel is located on Jalan Sosrowijayan, one of the most crowded places by lodging because it is close to Jalan Malioboro.

So it’s no wonder if the audience is mostly tourists, other than the Jogjanya people themselves. But there are also buyers who have become permanent customers even though they don’t live in Jogja anymore.

Mbah Lindu himself, of course it’s already very old and when we were there yesterday, I haven’t been selling for 3 months because it’s really old. His position is now replaced by his son, Mrs. Ratna. He sat on an O-shaped bench.

Gudeg Mbah Lindu

All around him were lined up with pot containers filled with various warm side dishes. A cup of gudeg is combined with bemem tempe and vegetables. The next pot contains krecek which is combined with pieces of tempeh, pete and cayenne. Then there is a pot of porridge, it seems that there are also those who order the porridge, and the adjacent container. There was another pot of large size chicken, there was a chest, upper thighs, head, and a uritan, separated from a small chicken pot. Oh, and don’t forget, there is a pan containing bacem eggs.

Mrs. Ratna is calm and doesn’t interact with visitors too much, with plastic gloves, preparing their orders one by one. Sometimes there are also unfaithful visitors waiting, giving up, and leaving. We just have to queue for 30 minutes to wait for the order.

Sometimes this long time is caused by visitors who order portions of warm to be brought home with besek. Maybe that’s why there aren’t many seats provided here, the bars can only accommodate 10 people. It has been tested to survive through the challenges of the times that its generation has changed many times.

Well, this is a portion of Mbah Lindu’s warm house, our order, the contents are of course warm, then there is a small chicken, can also ask for disuwir, and the uritan aka young egg, just as freely chosen as you wish. We sit in front of Mrs. Ratnanya really, there are no benchmarks for a portion of rice that should be filled with nothing.

Want to add warm or krecek too. Compared to wet gudeg which tends to be sweet, we prefer krecek because of its chewy texture. Krecek here is different than others, really chewy. If in other areas there are even those who crack it so softly. Mmmm … I promise you won’t find another place, Gudeg Mbah Lindu is a champion.


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