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Knott’s Berry Farm, California

Knott’s Berry Farm
Knott’s Berry Farm

Knott’s Berry Farm is an amusement park spotted in Buena Park, California, claimed by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company. The 2012 Global Attractions Attendance Report states Knott’s Berry Farm is the 14th most gone to amusement stop in North America. The amusement park has pretty nearly 10,000 seasonal/full-time workers. The recreation center has a balanced lists of roller rides, family rides, kids rides, water rides and verifiable rides totaling to 40 rides right now with arrangements to grow later on. The park is open by open transportation.

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Knotts Sperry Farm have five unique area:

* Ghost Town
* Fiesta Village
* The Boardwalk
* Camp Snoopy
* Indian Trails

Ghost Town

Specialists in Ghost Town exhibit human expressions of the smithy, woodcarver, glass-blower, sign cutter, and spinner. Exhibits of thin gage railroading and homestead gear hobbyists go hand in hand with extra vendor stalls of cabin specialty fairs regularly at reduced induction which is confined to Ghost Town just.

Wild Water Wilderness

Wild Water Wilderness is an area of Ghost Town that characteristics two real rides: the Bigfoot Rapids stream rafting undertaking, and Pony Express, a steed themed family thrill ride introduced in 2008. Adjacent Bigfoot Rapids will be Rapids Trader, a little stock stand. It is additionally home to Mystery Lodge, a mixed media show dependent upon an Expo 86 structure offering a Native American storyteller.

Fiesta Village

Fiesta Village was inherent 1969 with a pop-society Mexican topic. It was the second region developed after the finishing of Ghost Town. Stores like La Tiendita and Casa California, restaurants like Pancho’s Tacos, La Papa Loca, and La Cantina, recreations like Shoot If Yucan, and the themed rides like La Revolución, Jaguar!, and Montezooma’s Revenge, alongside the previous fascination Tampico Tumbler, all help the Mexican and Aztec topic of the region. In 2013 beautiful string lights were included for the hot time of year season.

The Boardwalk

Initially themed as Gypsy Camp, and later re-themed to the “Thundering ’20s”, “Knott’s Airfield”, then “The Boardwalk”, this range is home to the a large portion of Knott’s significant rush rides


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Knott’s Berry Farm Location

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