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Land of Make Believe & Pirates Cove, New Jersey

Jenkinson’s Boardwalk amusement park, New Jersey
Land of Make Believe & Pirates Cove, New Jersey

Land of Make Believe & Pirates Cove is a winning stop located in city of Hope, New Jersey. This theme park is water park environment that is extraordinarily fun for young adult or for those that like to get wet during the summer. The Land of Make is full of fun carnival activity and across from it is Pirate’s Cove which is a water park. Land of Make Belive is very different from other carnival type of theme parks where you have to buy individual tickets for ride.  Here, you will only required one admission that include all shows and rides. This theme park located in the foothills of the Jenny Jump Mountains and State Park, the Land of Make Believe is a mark in the historic town of Hope. This theme parks is only one hour away from the Lincoln Tunnel or George Washington Bridge.

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The Land of Make Believe has been fascinating many families and global travelers for over fifty seven years. At the park, some rides and activities that families entertain most are the Tilt-A-Whirl, Brand New Ferris Wheel, Buccaneer Pirate, Action River Ride, Hayride, Middle-Earth Theater, Grand Carousel, Jump Around Frog, Mining Company, Civil War Locomotive, Sidewinder, Pirates Fort, Pirates Cannonball, and the Free Fallin Pirate’s Plunge. The “Black Hole” is the number one favorite water slide in Land of Make Believe for most visitors.

Pirate’s Cove is well known as the New Jersey’s premier family water park. Some of the popular water rides or activities that families love here are the Endless Action River, Wading Pool, Tube Rides and the Water Play Structure.

3 Most Fascinating Water Rides

The 3 most fascinating water ride at this theme parks is the Blackbeard’s Pirate Fort which is topped with thousand gallons dumping water bucket. The Cannon Bowl Tube Ride which is the highest ride here featuring a forty-foot tall and construct with the Sidewinder half-pipe tube that is four hundred-foot long. The Black Hole is an enclosed single or double rider tube slide that runs fast in the dark.

If you like water park and you are at New Jersey, remember to visit that fascinating  amusement water park. You’ll find exciting Attractions, Water Park, Games, Rides, Shows and Picnic Area cover over thirty acres. The Land of Make Believe and Pirate’s Cove is designed exclusively not just for families but for everyone to find joy and fun at the park.

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