Yogyakarta Special Region (DIY) is one of the holiday destinations that travelers are increasingly crowded with. Enchanting natural charms create a special attraction for this place and become a destination during the holiday season arrives.

Especially in Gunungkidul Regency, which has an extraordinary array of natural tourism, more so the beaches. The widest district in Yogyakarta is increasingly curious about beach and sea lovers to explore it.

Of the many tourist destinations in Gunungkidul, there are some areas that have not been touched by travelers. One of them is the following area, and may be your next vacation destination when visiting Yogyakarta. Come on, let’s listen!
Located on the border of Gunungkidul and Bantul, maybe you then remember Parangtritis Beach or Gumuk Pasir. But, another place you can get is the charm of the Bekah Sea Cliff.

Limestone Hill With Beautiful Charm Jogja Car Rental

Rental Mobil JogjaUnlike most other vacation spots in Gunungkidul, the characteristics of the Bekah Sea are dominated by hills and cliffs with 180 degree steepness. This location does not allow you to play water on the edges. However, there are other unique things offered here. If you visit this cliff and are lucky, you can find sea animals that are rarely found on other beaches in this DIY area.

If you come at an ideal time, a bunch of whales or sharks often cross this sea. Interesting right? Not only that, those of you who want to observe dolphins will even have the opportunity to meet them.

The herd of dolphins is mentioned by local residents, often in the Sea of ​​Bekah. The best time to look forward to the presence of these sea animals is morning or evening. Among the sea animals, turtles are more often seen around the sea cliffs to find food.

Hidden locations and inadequate access roads, may be the reason for the holiday of the Bekah Sea Cliffs are still quiet visitors while the charm is amazingly charming. If you want to enjoy the beauty of this place, the location of the Bekah Sea is not far from the Southern Cross road in Purwosari District. However, indeed the route to here is quite challenging with the cast block track and some of them are still in the form of rock arrangements. However, it will be very fun if you use Jogja car rental services

Evidently the Bekah Sea is touted as an interesting fishing spot. Generally, travelers who come are sea fish anglers. At the end of the week, the number of anglers who come can reach 50 people.


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