Since the emergence of Bukit Panguk, there are indeed many new tourist spot spots that have sprung up. Call it Pinus Asri, Nganjir Pinus, Mojo hill, Watu Goyang, Jurang tembelan, hutan Pinus Mangunan, Seribu Batu Songgo Langit, and the most recent one this week is Hutan Pinus Pengger (Pengger Pine Hill).

Pinus Pengger is located in the northernmost part, exactly adjacent to the location of Gunung Kidul Pathuk District, although it still remains in the Dlingo District location.

In fact, hutan Pinus Pengger is not a new tour in Bantul, because it has come out together with the popularity of Imogiri Pinus hutan two years. the last. But the new one is the self photo spot. But the last hutan Pinus Pengger hits with the Spot Spot where the Pyramid lives (Indian style dwelling) with a hole inside that visitors can enter. From there you can see Jogja from a height, complete with city lights. do not be surprised if this place is referenced to Jogja night tour which once again hits.

By using the car rental service, you can go to this place at any time, because it is open until night. With the exception of the spot where Indians live, there is a new spot in the form of a Pinger Pengger shaped, giant hand. Namely spot viewpoints made like giant hands.

Visitors can take pictures on it. When the night arrived, at the tip of the finger of the giant hand of the Pinus Pengger, there was also a lamp that could highlight centric direction for the impact of the photo that was so neat.

At the back, the background is in the form of mountains, combined with the lowlands of the city of Jogja with its glittering lights. Very beautiful. In the place of the hutan Pengger Pinus, visitors can also enjoy the beautiful sunset that Full afternoon has no obstacles. There is also Goa Tigan, Goa Lempeng, and Watu Ngadek as a different attraction.

Ticket prices enter the Pengger ticket

To enjoy the new spot in Alas Pinus, a giant hand-shaped grinder, visitors simply pay a fee of Rp. 2000 as well as parking costs of Rp. 2000 / motorbike and Rp. 5000 / car. You can use the rental car jogja to make it more enjoyable. As for the spot self-visitors, the visitors pay the price. The ingredients in Alas Pinus Pengger are quite complete from toilets, prayer rooms, benches, resting places, and gazebos.


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