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Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia

Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia
Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia

Six Flags Magic Mountain is a theme park located inValencia, Santa Clarita, California, north of Los Angeles.  Six Flags Magic Mountain has the most roller coasters in the world with 18 and as of 2013, Six Flags Magic Mountain is currently the top 19 theme/amusement park in the world.For lasting memories and to visit a great theme park then spend a great day at Six Flags Magic Mountain, especially when shared with friends and family.

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That is why, in addition to the most thrilling rides on the planet, you’ll find top-shelf entertainment at the park. Whether it is a big-name act, or up-and-coming talent, you just can’t beat a live concert. (Concerts are free with your Season Pass or park admission.)

Some famous rides in Six Flags Magic Mountain are as follows


BATMAN The Ride will show you what it feels like to be BATMAN, on this deeply intense juggernaut that is definitely not for the timid. Show your strength and bravery as you take on GOTHAM’s criminal element. Once you’ve gotten your fill touring the shady, decaying backstreets of GOTHAM CITY, load up in the batcave for a dark and riveting adventure. You’re about to fight crime with your feet just dangling free in the air.

Following a 105-foot lift to the top of the world to fly with the bats, brace yourself for a full 360-degree loop right from the start. You’re a global superhero, you don’t need to warm up. After escaping that obstacle, there’s a fully inverted roll, then a second loop waiting for you about ten seconds later. Next you’ll be pounded by a double set of wingovers and corkscrew descents with enough G-force to plaster you to your seat. How do a whopping 4 G’s sound? Because that’s what you’ll be taking right about now.

Dive Devil

Get ready to experience the thrill of skydiving, hang-gliding and bungee jumping all rolled into one! First you’ll have to get to the top of a 152-foot tower before taking a flying leap from the top with nothing but sky to catch your fall!

Strap into the harness with a friend or two and wave goodbye to the ground.  You’ll stare straight down as you are hoisted up by a slim cable, until you’re so high you’ll only hear the wind as you dangle 15 stories in the air. There’s no turning back now—the only way to get down is to fall.  In a split second you are released and plummeting back towards the earth in a state of total free fall.  You can plan on hurtling toward the ground as fast as 60 mph.

But as soon as the steel cable catches your fall, the momentum of the drop will swing you powerfully forward.  And now you’re completely airborne, soaring through the atmosphere as the ripcord swings you above the park!  This is a once-in-a-lifetime thrill normally reserved for hang gliders and birds.


Hal Jordan rose from test pilot to the superhero GREEN LANTERN – an icon of courage, confidence, and strength. These are three qualities you will need to have in abundance to take your seat on this utterly insane ride.

This mind and body warping spin coaster will show you why Six Flags Magic Mountainis without question the premiere collection of thrill rides in the world. As one of the stars of the DC Universe, it is the only ride of its kind in North America.

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