Soto Bathok Jogja

Soto Bathok Jogja Mbah Karto Which is Legendary Near Sambisari Temple

If you are a fan of soto and live in Yogyakarta or are in Yogyakarta, there is no harm in trying “Soto Bathok Jogja Mbah Karto”. Matching the name, in this area visitors will enjoy the delicious soto that uses a bowl made of coconut shell (bathok).

Not just a unique presentation system, the taste of beef soto in the dining area is also delicious.

Fresh and non-fat is the taste that we will get first when tasting the crystal clear soup soup. The savory flavor of the sauce that comes from beef broth is really right, and will be even more delicious when added to the juice of lime juice, chili sauce, and soy sauce. The contents of this soto bathok are rice, bean sprouts, sprinkling of celery leaves, topping of fried shallots.

Eating this soup will be more delicious when accompanied by fried tempeh, intestine satay, and quail egg satay. While given a bowl of coconut shells, the portion is not too big, but eating a portion of the soto bathok will feel like that.

Katro Sumaryo (45), the owner of the Soto kiosk, voiced himself intentionally using kalapa shell as a bowl because when he first started this business at the beginning of 2015, he felt that he would spend too much capital when buying a bowl in general.

Soto Bathok Jogja

Except for that, the use of bathok can also be a characteristic and attract buyers.

Not only is the presentation unique, the taste is delicious, another thing typical of this one is the building from this soto kiosk. Located in Sambisari Hamlet, Purwomartani Village, Kalasan District, Sleman Regency, this soto kiosk is located in the middle of rice fields.

There are about eight small to large saung as an area to experience jogja soto bathok. There is a saung with the concept of lesehan or saung which is equipped with a bench table.

Around the saung is also planted with some trees that make the atmosphere more comfortable. The restaurant owner also provides some swings, and seesaw games.

The combination of delicious dishes and a comfortable atmosphere creates Sauto Bathok Mbak Katro always crowded with buyers. If this is the case, from every day Katro Sumaryo is able to market more than 1200 portions of soto.

“But for the tempeh itself a day can spend around 2500 pieces of tempeh. The number can almost double when on holiday, “he added. In starting his business Katro Sumaryo, capitalized.

“Every experience of working in a hotel like that is also quite helpful how I should serve consumers well,” he said.

For the price issue, you don’t need to worry, because with IDR 5,000 you can already taste one portion of Soto Bathok. As for the fried tempeh, it costs Rp. 500, quail egg satay Rp. 2,000, and Rp. 1,000 gut satay.

The location of the jogja soto bathok kiosk is located north of the Sambisari Temple. the day the kiosk is open from 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


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