The period after the Giyanti agreement, Pangeran Mangkubumi built the palace as the center of the Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Sultanate government. Pangeran Mangkubumi, who later titled Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono I, built a palace in the middle of an imaginary axis that connects Parangtritis Beach and Mount Merapi.

The point of reference for the Keraton development is a pen (spring). In honor of the wife’s goodness because they helped the Sultan during the war, the Sultan asked Demak Tegis, the architect of Portuegese and the Regent of Madiun, as the foreman, to build a palace in that the fountain was 500 meters south of the Palace. The palace which is surrounded by Segaran (artificial lake) with the fragrances of flower plants deliberately planted on the surrounding artificial islands is called Tamansari (Water Palace) now.

From above the Panggung Gate, the Sultan used to watch dance there. The building on its side is a place for people to play their instruments and in the usually small medium stage used by dancers showing their clever and elegant dances, guides from the rental of Jogja cars when we entered Taman Sari. By departing using a Jogja car rental.

We looked over the Panggung Gate, the guide took us into the area that was once only the Sultan and his family could enter, the Taman Sari bathing pool. The sound of gurgling water immediately greeted. The surrounding water blends nicely with a solid yellow light wall. The Pool is divided into three namely Umbul Kawitan (ponds for Prince and princess), Umbul Pamuncar (ponds for concubines), and Umbul Panguras (ponds).

What’s more in Tamansari?

A pot used for the wives of Sri Sultan was still intact standing when we entered the tower of Sri Sultan’s private room. Ornaments that adorn the pot give the impression of glamor to objects located next to the Sultan’s wardrobe. Imagine, 200 years ago a beautiful woman waited for the water to cook until she calmed down and lowered her head, fixed makeup and bun, beautifying her body while looking in the mirror.

In addition to the pots and private places of the Sultan, in this three-story tower we can find wooden stairs that are still taken care of and will give an antique effect to everyone who sees them. Up, form a reflection of Mentari from the pool below and the entire Taman Sari area is clearly visible. A long time ago from this place, maybe the Sultan used to enjoy this view, and the view of Taman Sari is still complete with the artificial lake and fragrant flower plants.

After enjoying the view from the top of the tower, the guide then took us to the Agung Gate, where the Kencana Train was boarded by the Sultan and his family. The gate which is dominated by flowers and ornamental bird wings is the entrance for Sri Sultan and his family Taman Sari. Pesanggrahan is just south of Taman Sari being the next destination.

Before fighting, Sri Sultan will meditate in this place. A calm and silent atmosphere was immediately felt when we entered. In this place, the Sultan will think all must negotiate with the enemy and the strategy of war so that the sovereignty of the Yogyakarta Palace remains in order. This area is also a place to store weapons, armor, and a place to clean antique kris. The court is usually used by Sri Sultan warriors to practice the sword.

It’s Time We Split With Tour Guides

We also parted with the guide in front of the Agung Gate. We continued the trip because there were many places to visit, such as Sumur Gumuling and the Kenongo building. To get to the place, you have to pass Tajug, the corridor that connects Taman Sari with the Palace and also Pulo Kenongo.

This wide underground passageway is used as a place if the Palace is in a precarious state. Many hidden places can be found in this place. Next is Pulo Kenongo, which was previously an artificial island that was planted by Kenanga flower plants to give perfume to Taman Sari. We went to Sumur Gumuling, an underground mosque as the place for Sri Sultan and his family to carry out their religious duties.

This two-story building is designed to have a good acoustic side. So, when the priest leads the prayer, the sound will become clear to hear from the entire length and breadth of the building. Now, that can still be felt. Speeches by people far from us will feel like they are on our side. In addition, we can go to the center of the mosque through dark alleys. Arrive in a square with 5 steps around it in the center of the mosque, feeling a sense of direct majesty. When we see, the blue sky will greet. The sound of birds being heard from residential areas in the Taman Sari area will increase the atmosphere.

The last stop is the Kenongo building. The building used for the Sultan for dining with the family is the highest building in Taman Sari. In this place you can watch amazing golden sunsets. All Taman Sari complexes can also be seen from the top of the Kenongo Suci building. After getting tired of traveling around the palace, we rushed to the hotel to deliver a car rental service to Jogja.


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