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Want to find more than traveling? Education Village Watu Lumbung can be an option for holidays. Located in Bukit Parangtritis, Kretek, Bantul, Yogyakarta, Watu Lumbung offers a unique scenic beauty on the outskirts of Yogyakarta as well as unforgettable educational tours.

Educational Village Watu Lumbung was founded in 2003 by Muhammad Boy Rifai who from the beginning wanted to empower and help the economy of the community during the tourism sector. This area has a number of areas such as outbound areas, libraries, casual stalls, children’s playgrounds, flying fox, and others.

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Don’t worry for those of you who want to come here, please use Jogja’s car rental service to visit Watu Lumbung. Educational Village Watu Lumbung was established in the middle of a teak plantation location. The concept of nature is also attached to the construction of buildings in this area. The use of bamboo is used to create a relaxing hut between teak trees. Some buildings in the form of tree-dwelling locations were created up to three floors with teak trees still alive as support pillars.

From here, visitors can enjoy the beautiful view from the top of the hill. Visitors are free to choose stalls while feeling from existing stalls. Some of the stalls located in Watu Lumbung Education Village are between Kedai Wedangan, Sate Kiloan Center, Lembayung, Milk Shop, and Culinary Base. One of the charms of Kampung Edukasi Watu Lumbung is a tree substation built between teak trees.

The concept of the tree substation imitates the tree substation found in Kalibiru Kulon Progo. Security and safety are not spared from the management monitoring. From above the tree substation, visitors can enjoy the view of the iconic Opak River and Opak River. Besides hanging out, visitors are also told to do greening by planting trees near Bukit Watu Lumbung. In addition, visitors can also contribute reading books in the library located here.

By donating a reading book of at least 3 pieces, visitors will get an award in the form of food, drinks, or free souvenirs.

Time is very fitting with the rental of Jogja car to visit Kampung Pendidikan Watu Lumbung is at dusk because visitors can watch the beautiful evening on the western horizon from the top of the hill. To get to this place, visitors can browse Parangtritis Street from Yogyakarta City. After crossing the Opak River bridge near the Parangtritis Beach retribution, after going through the bridge, turn left or lead to the Parangtritis-Siluk road. Around 200 meters there will be a direction board leading to the education village.


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