Greweng Beach Yogyakarta is on the east side of Wediombo Beach, namely Girisubo District. The address of Greweng Beach is in Jepitu, Girisubo, Gunung Kidul Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta 55883. There are no public transportation facilities yet. Cars and motorbikes alone cannot enter the location of Greweng Beach.

If you drive a vehicle, it is better to park at Wediombo Beach first. Just then head to Greweng Gunung Kidul Beach in Yogyakarta. Must walk on foot to get to the beach.

Travel to Greweng beach, you can use Jogja car rental, you will also be accompanied by plant fields as well as community farms. Then you will arrive at the jungle. It’s not a jungle plant, but a jungle of limestone. This is a treat from the route of Greweng Wonosari Beach, it is natural why some people named the place into a jungle after visiting there.

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So it is below, you will also find two springs. On the north side the water source can be used for drinking, it can quite wet the throat when you are thirsty on the journey. While the south side has a water source that is often used for bathing. You can bathe there if you want, but don’t drink the water.

The presence of this fresh water source is also an argument for young people to camp. Different attractive landscapes can also be found on this beach. You can do a little climb on the hill on the left side of the beach. From the top of this hill, you can see the panorama of sunset at Greweng Beach, Indian Ocean Kalong Island and visit the small cape, namely Tanjung Sinden.

At Greweng beach there is also a hermitage cave. In the surrounding area, the cave was bounded so that no one would just come in. If you look in from the mouth of the cave, there are different different nuances from the general place. Like when walking on the Greweng beach trail, there might also be different situations.

This cave is often used as a place to meditate, even today, many mystical narratives flow from this cave. Goa is a porcupine habitat, no wonder if you are lucky, you can meet the porcupine when you browse the cave. Apart from that, there are also bats hanging there. What’s also interesting when you enter this cave, stalagnites and stalactites also appear crystallized like gem sheen. Don’t Forget Traveling Using Jogja Car Rental Services.


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