Yogyakarta, this special place has millions of interesting things that are a shame to miss.

Sundak Beach located in the area of ​​Gunungkidul Regency in Sidoharjo Village, Tepus District, Gunungkidul Regency. If you are from Wonosari, it takes 1 hour to Sundak Beach. HTM: IDR 10,000. Sundak Beach is called Wedibedah Beach. Why is Sundak? Because according to the myths there used to be Asu (Dogs) and Porcupines fighting.

In fact, what kind of panorama does Sundak Beach offer so many people are captivated and want to visit it?

Sundak Beach hits with its clean, white and clear sea sand. Unfortunately, you can’t swim freely in the sea because Sundak Beach has strong waves.

You can do various things at Sundak Beach, you can sit in the cottage that is right on the beach, while you feel the seafood you buy. Don’t forget to take a photo with your family, friends or spouse. Don’t try to swim too far into the middle, because it’s very dangerous. Playing sand on Sundak Beach is also a fun thing. Enjoying the beach doesn’t have to swim, clean white sand and the beach atmosphere will not make you lose.

Sundak Beach night atmosphere

Try to enjoy the atmosphere of the night at the beach sundak. You can enjoy the night on the beach, while enjoying the atmosphere you can also order food, maybe grilled fish that is typical of the beach.

You can rent lodging that stands around the beach, the average lodging here has a relatively cheap price, jasmine class hotels, and other small hotels. All the way from out of town you have to enjoy the charming atmosphere of night and sunrise on Sundak Beach.

Sundak Beach Delicious Cuisine

It’s not complete if you don’t feel the culinary. Many Sundak Beach dishes. In the afternoon, the super fresh young coconut ice is ready to accompany you to enjoy the beach. In addition to young coconut ice, there are also typical beach foods such as grilled fish. Grilled fish at an inexpensive price. You can also burn your own sea fish and set up camp on the beach.

Travel Tips to Sundak Beach

In order for your holiday to be smooth, pay attention to the following tips:

  • Fill your fuel until it’s full, so that the holiday will run smoothly
  • Don’t swim because there are many sharp corals
  • Throw garbage in its place
  • If you need to bring an umbrella so the skin doesn’t burn
  • Take care of the beauty of the beach so that it continues to exist.

Thank you, Happy Vacation.


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