Vacation Cool the Hobbit House Sleman With More Exciting. The Asik place for holiday which was popularized for the first time by Farmhouse Lembang is indeed giving its own pleasure and distinctiveness. In the Cangkringan area, you have prepared one of the places for an interesting vacation.

Not inferior to the different tourist attractions in Indonesia, Sleman, Yogyakarta, prepare one of the fun and unique places for vacation and so fit to make a place to take pictures, namely the Hobbit Kepuharjo House. Surely the presence of these attractions provides new conditions in the Kaliurang area or precisely in Cangkringan.

Even though it is a basic supporting facility in the vicinity of the Hobbit House tourist attractions it is indeed very capable. Public facilities that can be used by some visitors and have been provided properly are parking spaces, public toilets and prayer rooms. In addition there is also a section of availibility information to make it easier for some visitors to get complete information such as Jogja Car Rental.

When you travel to one of these attractions is really so cheap you can me Jogja Car Rental. Do not need to spend money or large costs to enjoy the beauty offered. For some travelers who want to enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of the Hobbit House in Cangkringan, they can pay the entrance ticket at a price of 10 thousand per person.

Ticket to the Hobbit House Sleman

The price does not move either public days or holidays. For a moment the parking tariff is 2 thousand for motorbikes and 5 thousand for 4-wheeled vehicles. Then for the operational hours of the Hobbit House Merapi can be visited daily. No holiday.

For Monday to Friday, some visitors can enjoy the beauty of the conditions here since starting at 7 AM WIB. And will close at 18.30 WIB. Shortly for Saturdays and Sundays and national holidays, this place will open one hour earlier at 6 am WIB. Middle for the lid still remains the same and does not move, which is at 18.30. Vacation Cool Home Hobbit Sleman With Jogja Car Rental Increasingly Exciting.

With operating hours of up to 18. 30 this is certainly for some tourists can enjoy the sunset or sunset around this natural tourist spot. Guaranteed some visitors can capture 2 moments. That is the beauty and distinctiveness of the Hobbit House and the night view and panoramic view of the sun at night. Especially some visitors can also enjoy the peculiarities of The Lost World Castle and Stonehenge Merapi which remain in one room. Come on Traveling to Jogja


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